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Photogrammetry targets

CONTACT US. Ready to place your order with Retro Targets? Or maybe you just have a few questions? Contact Us! A member of our support staff is available to assist you with all of your target needs. Theodolite / Total Station Targets · Retro-Reflective ® & Contrast Photogrammetry Targets · Retro-Reflective ® Tape Target · Bushings · Adaptors · Bar / Rod Items · Laser Tracker Sphere Mount ℠ · Laser Tracker Sphere Mount ℠ · Laser Tracker.5 Sphere Mount ℠ · Probing Targets · Miscellaneous · Hubbs Build-A-. High Temperature Photogrammetry Targets. The DMS custom manufactures high temperature retro-reflective targets. Unlike regular photogrammetric targeting that can become unstable and breakdown at high temperatures, we use materials in our high temperature targets that can be used at temperatures ranging +/C.

For photogrammetry purposes, it is desirable to set the targets bright and the background dim. When retro-reflective targeting is used, the target and background exposures are almost completely independent of each other. The target exposure is completely determined by the flash power while the background exposure is. In PhotoModeler and PhotoModeler Scanner the Coded Target feature provides one form of automation. Coded Targets are described 3rd Party Target Manufacturers The companies listed below sell dot targets for general photogrammetric use, and several also make coded targets for specific use with PhotoModeler. 9 Jan Coded Targets are another way to automate measurement in photogrammetry ( measurement and models from photos). Read up on some advantages they have .

23 Sep As you likely know, photogrammetry programs commonly identify contrasting circles for target marking. Given that fact, a white circle printed on a black background would be a very good target. However, a better target would be a white retro-reflective material on a black background, as the contrast is. Quickfacts: Used together with the tetronom single bars (artifacts), and serves as a target at the ends of the bars. Questions? Do you have any questions about our products and services? Tel.: +49 (0) / 45 90 38 4. Mail: [email protected] de. We are a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of various artifacts and. in corners, on hole centerlines, and in may other positions so that accurate measurements may be taken. Retroreflective targets have a highly reflective dot centered at a precise distance from the bottom interface surface of the target. Photogrammetric measuring systems as well as some laser scanning instruments pick up.



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