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Face Off Beautiful Disaster

If the first thing you think of when we say "disaster" is "fairy," go ahead and count yourself a true Face Off fan. McKenzie sets the stage for this episode's Spotlight Challenge by bringing the final five to the set of Steven Spielberg's War of the Worlds (complete with a crashed plane and demolished buildings) and having them. See all the Spotlight Challenge make-ups from this episode!. Game-Show · With the semifinals in sight, the final five artists create beautiful elemental fairies born from disastrous scenarios.

15 Oct As the show opens, we are at the house where the boys are outside walking about being on the bottom and being in the top five. The girls are in the house talking about how far they've come and the real possibility of going to the finale. We are then swept away to the scene of an epic disaster at Universal. 15 Oct Face Off recap: Season 7 Ep 13 - Beautiful Disaster - See what they came up with , who won, and who was eliminated on this week's Face Off recap!. "Beautiful Disaster" is the twelfth episode of the seventh season of Face Off. Spotlight.

14 Oct Watch Face Off: Beautiful Disaster from Season 7 at 14 Oct Face Off season 7 episode 13, titled Beautiful Disaster aired on 10/14/



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