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SDR-Radio offers user-friendly control of supported receiver hardware, as well as many useful and attractive displays. MAP65 also supports the FUNcube Dongle and several all-digital receivers including the SDR-IQ and Perseus. The latest release, MAP65 v, includes mode QRA64, which is not yet described in the. You need to install both Linrad and MAPIQ. Download Linrad from a link near the bottom of the the Linrad Development Page, / I have been using versions and ; both seem to work fine with MAPIQ. A direct link to a zip file containing the Windows version is . To install both MAPIQ and Linrad on your Windows computer, download and execute the file EXE; Start MAPIQ by clicking on its desktop icon. Select Options on the Setup menu and enter your callsign, grid locator, and the PTT port number to be used for.

8 Aug Their input frequencies can be set from within Linrad, SDR-Radio, or MAP65 via a USB port. Center frequencies for the SDR-IQ and Perseus receivers are set in the same way, although in these cases the “local oscillator” is a numerically controlled oscillator (NCO) implemented in software. To achieve very. Details: Category: Hardware: Published on Monday, 01 August Written by 4Z5LV: Hits: There is latest AFEDRI SDR firmware versions that allow to use AFEDRI SDR and MAPIQ together, the Linrad configuration are same as for SDR-IQ or Perseus, you can see screen-shot below, there is signals. 1 Jun Hi all, Linrad is working fine with my Perseus SDR. MAP 65 IQ does not receive any data from Linrad. Using a single computer with Win-XP. After reading all the communication messages of the last year (a huge pile and very confusing ) I came to the following conclusion and settings: send raw data.

1 Aug Although i have only the "H pol", i use WSE and LINRAD with MAP65 (r or r) receiving H pol on both channels. Anybody expert on MAP65IQ could tell me if the 30 second receiving time is correct instead 48"? Any suggestion or other settings? Thank you in advance. 73' de IK2DDR,Francesco. 28 Jan Once again the very nice program developed by JOE, K1JT, the MAPIQ connected together with LINRAD and the RFspace receiver SDR-IQ, with the Hamtronics 2m Converter, you can see a large portion of the 2m band for EME qso's. Also a nice program developed by Rene, PE1L with the name. Para: [email protected]: [Linrad] Re: First real EME tests with MAPIQ. Hi Gabriel and ALL. To avoid confusions will be nice if we specified MAP65 or MAPIQ in our references, and not simple MAP65 for both softwareâs. MAP65 works with adaptive polarization and MAPIQ not, to avoid .



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