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Setting it up on a cloud, VPS or virtual machine; Securing it, as well as your files and data; Maintaining the thing! vpsBible's tutorials are designed to make the process of building and managing a server as simple as possible. They'll help you to understand and choose your options, configuring your ideal high performance. 16 Sep Set up a Remote Encrypted PuTTY Connection - VPS BIBLE Pt 3. by Olly Connelly. Play next; Play now. How to Add a Linux User & Set Permissions - VPS BIBLE Pt 4. by Olly Connelly. Play next; Play now. How to Hide Data & Easy Login (SSH & PuTTY) - VPS BIBLE Pt 5. by Olly Connelly. Part 2: Intro to a typical unmanaged VPS control panel, and taking you through the steps to.

Is anyone familiar with the Guvnr VPS Bible. I have gone through it and was interested mainly in Part 11 but to connect to the WWW you may have to. 22 Jan The VPS Bible has been updated – and fully tested – to reflect the latest stable releases for Nginx () and WordPress (). Dependency packages remain the same. The test, meanwhile, which followed the entire VPS Bible process, went without a hitch. Hurrah-de-huh.. Setup Unmanaged VPS (4. 6 Jan VPSBible is for a vps without any control panel. All commands are run through SSH and no browser based panel. I could possibly make a bible for centOS but security is a vast and subjective topic. Example: one of the most recommended things to do is change SSH port from 22 and install fail2ban. Useless.

Hey y'all, When I joined up with Linode, setting up my first VPS, I researched the options and got stuck into Nginx. Thing was, the docs were a bit sparse or, rather, not very newbie-friendly. So, initially for my own ongoing reference, I put together a guide for folks that could barely spell Linux, let alone feel at. VPS Bible is really a good guide for all the VPS newbie. I just complete setup my Linode box, thanks for the VPS Bible latest stackscripts release, it only take me 1 ~2 hour to complete reinstall and reconfigure my blogs, the best part is it seem like resolved my Linode box memory issues, which might be causing by the. Set Up Unmanaged VPS (4 Newbies).. The V-P-S Bible (). 1 point by miles days ago | hide | past | web | favorite · Applications are open for YC Summer · Guidelines | FAQ | Support | API | Security | Lists | Bookmarklet | Legal | Apply to YC | Contact. Search.



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