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Moroccan chaabi music

Chaabi is considered the pop music of Morocco. It descended from Moroccan folk music and sounds similar to Rai. Since it is typically performed in Darija, Moroccan Arabic, it is one of the most widely listened to types of music in Morocco. The music features drums, lutes, stringed instruments and more recently electric. Chaabi (literally "popular") refers to several types of popular music of Morocco, combining rural and urban folk music. The genre started out as street music performed in squares and souks, and can be heard in cafés, at restaurants and at weddings. Rural varieties include Jerra and al-Aïta (literally "the cry"). Several artists. Chaabi (الشعبي in Arabic), also known as Chaâbi, Sha-bii, or Sha'bii meaning " folk", refers to different music genres in North Africa such as Algerian chaabi, Moroccan chaabi and Egyptian chaabi. Chaabi music is frequently found in weddings and this style is often associated with the festivals. The use of popular language.

Find moroccan chaabi tracks, artists, and albums. Find the latest in moroccan chaabi music at "My father, when he came, he came in a very sensitive period at that time. It was that the rich people got their own music, classical music. But the poorest people, the poorest people didn't have nothing. So he came in between the middle, in order to let the people, the poorest, listening to a music that they will — it's coming. The most popular music of Morocco is chaabi. Similar to pop music in the West, chaabi covers a wide mix of styles and is a descendant of various forms of folk music. This upbeat form of music originates from the streets and souks but can now be heard in cafes, at festivals and at weddings. Chaabi songs typically end with a.



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