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Jul 10, Typically used with the preceeding pronoun "her", a metaphor used when having I cant wait to take that bitch home and break her in half!". a phrase used in describing an attractive female whose figure is far too petite for hardcore sexual intercourse. Commonly heard from the lips of a rather large. Vernacular, commonly used by males, meaning, "I would like to have sexual relations with that female." It refers to the long-standing male wish to have a phallus.

When a boy and girl grind on eachother, the girl presses her ass into the boy so she can feel his penis through their clothes. The boy pushes her head down to. like if a girl is really tiny, either skinny or short.. a guy is usually meaning that in a way that he's way to big for her. at least thats the way my guy. break her in half definition. typically used with the preceeding pr-noun "her", a metaphor used when having s-x/nailing/f-cking a girl (commonly referred to as a.

marlene mckinnon, former gryffindor, former curse breaker. currently a psychology student. scottish. merlin knows why we're all here, right?. Jordan threw up his chin, a grunt escaping his mouth. “That's her? She's a twig. I could break her in half Jaynee could break her in half. How could she have. About a half an hour before Caycee normally arrived, the familiar Mercedes pulled inside the parking garage designated for Jaynee could break her in half.



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