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Features. Simple: An easy to use command line interface. Scalable: Nested Repositories are submodules done right! Version control collections of repositories. Flexible: Hybrid mode for binary files that uses a cloud of server for binaries instead of bloating the source repositories. Accurate: Tracking of file operations like. BitKeeper is a software tool for distributed revision control of computer source code. Originally proprietary software, it was released as open-source software under the Apache license on 9 May BitKeeper is produced by BitMover Inc., a privately held company based in Los Gatos, California and owned by its CEO. 2 May Open source developers, as you might expect, typically use free compilers, editors, and other tools to build their software. But three years ago Linux creator Linus Torvalds began using a proprietary, closed-source software version control system called BitKeeper to maintain the source code for the Linux.

BitKeeper Distributed Source Control System. Welcome to BitKeeper! BitKeeper is the original distributed source control system. Well, sort of . Larry wrote a semi-distributed source-control system back at Sun (productized as Teamware) and Rick had a research system of sorts, but for better or worse, BitKeeper. bitkeeper. Bitjoe uses Bitkeeper to save business transactions. Bitcoin blockchain is a precious resources and we can only put a hash of the transaction in it. The body of the transaction bitjoe sends to bitkeeper for keeping. In this incarnation bitkeeper uses Kademlia DHT (distributed hash table). 10 May An anonymous reader writes: Eleven years after Linus Torvalds developed Git after a falling out with BitKeeper for managing the Linux kernel source code, BitMover Inc has finally decided to open-source the BitKeeper VCS. The latest BitKeeper release has made the code open-source under the terms of t.

6 Apr If BitKeeper users were violating the license under which they received the software, they have indeed done something wrong. Every time we release code under a free license, we do so with the expectation that the terms of that license will be respected. To treat somebody else's license with less respect is. 17 Nov Indeed. Git & Bitkeeper are very different, and Git is no more just a reimplementation of Bitkeeper than Bitkeeper is a reimplementation of CVS or Mercurial (in fact, Mercurial *is* an open-source clone of Bitkeeper). One of the signs of the power of Git is the growth in free online Git repository sites for easy. 10 May The grand irony is that Larry was one of the earliest advocates of open sourcing the operating system at Sun[1] -- and believed that by the time Sun finally collectively figured it out and made it happen (in ), it was a decade or more too late.[2] So on the one hand, you can view the story of BitKeeper with.



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