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The Data Integrator finds items in different tracks that overlap by position, and unlike the Table Browser's intersection function, the Data Integrator can output all fields from all selected tracks. Up to 5 different tracks may be queried at a time. This section contains a brief overview of Data Integrator controls. For more. The annotations in this section provide predicted regulatory regions based on various experimental data. When a variant overlaps an annotation selected here, the consequence term regulatory_region_variant will be assigned. Follow the links to description pages that explain how each dataset was constructed. 13 Jun This command is used to construct the Integrator object. The Integrator object determines the meaning of the terms in the system of equation object Ax=B. The Integrator object is used for the following: * determine the predictive step for time t +dt * specify the tangent matrix and residual vector at any iteration.

16 Mar Integrator provides single and multiple protein searches of the Bioverse database containing experimentally-derived and predicted protein-protein interactions. The interface provides animated local network views, rapid subgraph manipulation, and cross-referencing of functional annotations. Integrator is. 29 Nov Abstract: Combining ideas from [Alouges et al. (Numer. Math., , )] and [ Praetorius et al. (Comput. Math. Appl., )], we propose a numerical algorithm for the integration of the nonlinear and time-dependent Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert ( LLG) equation which is unconditionally convergent, formally. 19 Jan Abstract: An exponential time-integrator scheme of second-order accuracy based on the predictor-corrector methodology, denoted PCEXP, is developed to solve multi-dimensional nonlinear partial differential equations pertaining to fluid dynamics. The effective and efficient implementation of PCEXP is.

We showed previously that the Integrator complex is recruited to the IEGs to coordinate transcriptional initiation and pause release during epidermal growth factor (EGF) stimulation (Gardini et al. ). We demonstrated recently that Integrator is also directed to enhancers, where it facilitates transcription of enhancer RNAs. All-optical integrators are key devices for the realization of ultra-fast passive photonic networks, and, despite their broad applicability range (e.g., photonic bit counting, optical memory units, analogue computing, etc.), their realization in an integrated form is still a challenge. In this work, an all-optical integrator based on a. An integrating ADC is a type of analog-to-digital converter that converts an unknown input voltage into a digital representation through the use of an integrator. In its basic implementation, the dual-slope converter, the unknown input voltage is applied to the input of the integrator and allowed to ramp for a fixed time period.



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