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In business, when a company is threatened with takeover, the crown jewel defense is a strategy in which the target company sells off its most attractive assets to. The Crown Jewel Defense strategy in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is when the target company of a hostile takeover sells its most valuable assets to reduce its attractiveness to the hostile bidder. To fully understand the crown jewel defense strategy, it is important to know what. A company can employ this crown jewels defense by creating anti-takeover clauses which compels the sale of their crown jewels if a hostile takeover occurs.

Definition of crown jewel defense: Takeover defense strategy in which the target firm sells off (or agrees to sell) its most valuable assets to a third party to. 3 Jan Hotly tipped to be one of 's breakthrough bands, the oddly named Crown Jewel Defense is the brainchild of Californian. Definition of CROWN JEWEL DEFENSE: An ANTITAKEOVER DEFENSE used by a company seeking to avoid a future HOSTILE TAKEOVER by another.

crown jewels defence definition: an action that a company takes to avoid being bought by another company, in which it sells its most valuable assets, so that it is . Crown Jewel Defense. likes · 36 talking about this. Just a stadium metal band taking over the world!. 18 Mar On what would have been Adolf Merckle's 76th birthday, his seemingly doomed industrial empire has made a surprising reincarnation a year.



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