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The “” app lets you manage your Disk files on your computer and automatically syncs them with Disk over the internet. The “” app supports the following operating systems: There isn't enough space on the computer for the whole folder. looks just like a regular folder. Your files don't need to take up space on your computer – just mark which documents to save to the cloud and what to duplicate to your hard drive. You can also edit screenshots and make notes with the desktop program. Download · For macOS · For Linux. By downloading this. This document is a translation of Yandex Desktop Software License Agreement in English. In case of conflict between the Russian version of Yandex Desktop Software License Agreement and this translation - only the Russian version of Yandex Desktop Software License Agreement is legally binding. The Russian version.

Your files are safe. Files uploaded to are saved in the cloud. This means that you will have access to them from any device connected to the internet. You can't lose them even in the event that something happens to your computer or phone. Create your To disable the drop zone, go to the Appearance menu and disable the Show drop zone on desktop menu. You can track the file-uploading process in the Downloads section (which appears after you upload your first file or download a file using the app). Note. If your internet connection is disrupted, your upload will be. Download the program on the page. You will see instructions on how to run the file once it starts downloading.

How do I pin the browser to the taskbar? From the Start menu or the desktop. Right-click the r shortcut icon (on the desktop, or in the Start menu). Choose Pin to Taskbar. To unpin the browser, choose Unpin from Taskbar. From the taskbar. Open r. Right-click the browser icon in the taskbar. The app can be used by one belonging to one account. If you log in using another username, a new folder will be created with the name “ – other username” and synced with the other account's Disk (a copy of files from the account that was open previously will be saved). Get desktop sync for your files on Yandex Disk storage.



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